Dark Emperador is a dark brown marble with fine grain and some irregular and cross light veins. It shows some signs of small calcite. Dark Emperador is a brecciated type of stone. Its main variations depend on the different shades (darker or lighter) it can normally offer, as well as the amount of calcite (more or less). Spanish Dark Emperador has brown toned white softened patterns. Spanish Dark Emperador, also known as Spanish Dark Brown Marble, is the marble produced in Spain and it is the most preferred in the market. Spanish Dark Emperador is used indoors and outdoors where it is a durable and natural stone. The Spanish Dark Emperador has white softened patterns that are usually brown in tone. When it comes to Spanish stone, the first marble that comes to mind is the Spanish Dark Emperador marble, which is world-renowned, in harmony with its bitter brown and beige, light marbles. The dark brown base color of Spanish Dark Emperador marble has light colored veins resembling a spider web on the marble. Our architects and designers, who want to bring the eye-catching beauty of Spanish Dark Emperador to life in their projects, apply them in areas such as floor covering, wall covering, elevator covering, stair step, facade covering of their projects such as hotels, business centers, shopping malls and luxury residences.

It also achieves a high level of harmony with Light Emperador or beige marble alternatives, which are members of the Emperador family. It sometimes adds color to the light color main paving stone as a border. Sometimes light marble is used on a stair step, Spanish Dark Emperador Marble on the dock, or vice versa; Sometimes a beautiful pattern work is created by combining with different color marbles in a core motif application made by waterjet cutting method. This application is especially seen in the entrance corridors of villas or in the lobbies of buildings such as hotels and business centers. With Spanish Dark Emperador Marble, you can add color to your home decoration and enrich your living room’s dining table or coffee table with this marble. You can also use Spanish Dark Emperador marble in the manufacture of countertops or washbasins in a bathroom where light colored emperador is applied. The Spanish Dark Emperador can be used in flower beds in landscape areas. It can add color to your kitchen as a polished mosaic on the wall between the counter top and cabinet in your kitchens. Likewise, there are many application areas such as the Spanish Dark Emperador marble shower tray wall covering or the wall of your TV unit. Spanish Dark Brown Marble is also used on the buffet counters of the hotels or on the dining tables of the dining areas such as cafe restaurants. Spanish Emperador Dark marble, is the most widely known and applied İsyany the marble in Turkey. Spanish Dark Brown Marble is mainly preferred for flooring, wall covering, kitchen and bathroom countertops. Emperador Dark, a dolomitized limestone; It is defined as dark brown marble with white quartz crystals in the literature.

The selection of Spanish Dark Brown Marble, which has a light-veined network structure on its base color in dark brown tones, is known all over the world and is preferred as the main flooring stone in many projects. Spanish Emperador Dark Marble is admired and used by architectural offices in boutique areas in luxury projects. Blocks extracted in marble quarries in Spain are processed in factories and divided into sub-selections according to vein structure and quality. Selections with excessive movements and yellow vein entrances in Spanish Emperador Dark marble are separated as low quality and used in the domestic market. The selections of the original Spanish Emperador Dark marble, which are used in application areas such as interior flooring, coating and steps, can work in harmony with other marble varieties in light tones. Due to the lack of thick vein structure, it can be laid homogeneously in the application areas and can be used as a transition stone in use with beige marble varieties. Spanish Emperador Dark brown base color with round whites are produced and exported to the whole world. Alternative Names Of Spanish Dark EmperadorMarron Emperador, Marron Imperial, Emperador Brown, Ramona Brown, Mármol Emperador, Emperador Oscuro