Andesite is a volcanic rock formed by the rapid cooling of magma from the depths of the earth’s crust. Its surface is covered with cooled lava. It contains plenty of minerals. Its structure consists of crystal and glass. Pressure weight is 800-900 kg / cm.

Andesite stones are igneous stones in different colors such as purple and pinkish. Sometimes it is possible to see it in the form of grayish and light shades of black. The color of andesite rocks is influenced by their age. It is also called the Ankara stone and the reason for this name is that it is more common in this region. It is frequently used in buildings because it is a speckled, wear-resistant and non-slip material. Building materials are preferred to be used in every building. Structural design architects and engineers make the choice of these materials. When we examine the historical buildings, it is seen that most of these structures are made of natural materials. It is possible to see that these materials are generally preferred as natural stones. Under these preferences, it is preferred by considering the strength, aesthetic structure, visuality and performance of the materials. The quality and strength of the material used in the construction determine the life and quality of the buildings. When we look at many buildings in the past, andesite stone seems to be the most used product from natural stones. When we examine why this natural mineral is used so much, the strength and many other advantages of the material emerge. In order to examine and understand the material, it is first necessary to understand the products used. The produced andesite is generally known as its homeland Ankara. Therefore, another name of this product is known as Ankara andesite stone. This product is extracted and processed by hand in Gölbaşı district of Ankara province in the past. In the past, this product is used in many republics and many historical buildings built in the Ottoman period. In these buildings, it is generally considered as facade cladding, floor covering and special embroidery. In addition, the old Ankara houses and many parts of our country have been used on the walls with a masonry system by using the pressure resistance coefficient of andesite stone.

Andesite sheets and plates are generally used in wall coverings and floors. While the wall covering is made, the whole or a certain part of the wall can be covered with andesite. It can be used as floor covering on sidewalks, floors, pavement coverings, stair steps, ramps for disabled people, etc. it is possible to see places. Especially in parks and gardens, it is frequently seen in the construction of elements such as jambs, jambs and flower beds. Since it is a non-slip material, it is useful on ramps, stairs and inclined surfaces. Andesite stone is produced in different shapes such as plate, plate, border, depending on the place of use. In addition, it is one of the advantages of using andesite coating that it does not require paint and color. Since they also have a decorative feature, they are used in benches, flower beds and other urban furniture. They can be produced in different thicknesses and sizes and can be easily used in all areas.

Andesite stone is not affected by heat and external factors. However, Andesite stone prices are also very reasonable. It does not require painting or polishing. It can also be used as an insulating material. Andesite stone prices can benefit budgets, especially in terms of insulation. It can be used easily on wet ground. For this reason, it is also preferred as an insulation material.

Andesite stone, which has a historical importance in coating and flooring, is the most preferred building material. They add a decorative air not only to floors but also to interior and exterior facades with andesite wall covering feature. These stones, which are used in history, buildings and roads, are used in many areas. They are generally used in pavements, border applications, garden arrangements, exterior cladding, parquet applications, flooring, fireplaces, fountains, window sills, fountains, pavements, cemeteries, restoration applications of historical buildings.

Nigella Rose, andesite stone, which has a strong and durable structure, is extremely resistant to abrasion. It is the first choice of the construction industry with its ability to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Since it has a workable structure, it offers the opportunity to draw various motifs and figures. Nigella is economically advantageous because it does not fade, lasts for many years and does not require maintenance costs. Nigella plates are used in many areas, especially wall coverings, flooring, sidewalks and stair steps. During the wall covering process, all or part of the wall is optionally covered. It is possible to see pavement, pavement coverings, steps and ramps for the disabled as floor covering. Thanks to its non-slip structure, Nigella is preferred on ramps, stairs and other sloping surfaces. It is also frequently used in the production of products such as benches, garbage bins, flower beds, ornamental pools, coping applications (upper parts of open walls), jambs and windows in parks and gardens. Nigella stone can be found in outdoor environments, medians, garden arrangements, parquet applications, window sills, urban furniture, fountains, fireplaces, restaurants, Turkish baths, historical buildings, fountains and gutters. Andesite stone is produced in the form of border, plate or plate, depending on the place to be used. Thanks to its production in different sizes and sizes, it can be easily applied in all areas. Andesite stone according to usage area; It is produced as elements such as wall covering plate, paving stone, paving plate, border and border edge water gutter.

Nigella Rose stone can be used as floor covering on sidewalks, floors, stair steps etc. Andesite stone has a suitable structure for covering the areas. Since Nigella stone has a non-slip structure, it is particularly suitable for use on ramps and stairs. Since andesite stone does not need any painting process, it can be used as slab, plate and border. In addition, Nigella stone is preferred in wall coverings.

Nigella Rose stone is a stone with very high abrasion resistance due to its structure that is not affected by natural conditions, heat, cold, summer or winter. Since it can also be used for decorative purposes, a different appearance can be gained with motifs, pictures, figures.

Andesite stone is a type of igneous stone that consists of different colors. The general colors of andesite stone can be magenta, purple or pinkish. In some cases, it is used in grayish and black tones. Andesite stone is also known as Ankara stone. The reason why it is called Ankara stone is that it is frequently found in this region. Andesite stone is one of the most common stones around Ankara. Due to its structure, andesite stone is used in many areas. Its non-slip and non-wearing structure also diversifies its usage areas.

Andesite stone is generally used in flooring. Especially, Ankara stone is preferred in construction and building areas. Andesite stone is generally used in flooring. In addition, andesite Ankara stone is used in wall coverings in construction areas.

Ankara stone is mostly preferred for floor covering. In other words, Ankara stone is used in pavements or ramps for the disabled. Andesite Ankara stone also provides a stylish appearance in terms of decorative. Therefore, andesite Ankara stone can be used in parks and gardens. Andesite stone is often preferred because it is a non-slip material.

Andesite Ankara, Turkey enacted in a sort of gray-dry rose is red andesite. This stone is especially good for building stone, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pavement and other design projects. It is also called Ankara Stone, Ankara Andesite Stone, Çubuk Andesite Stone. Ankara Andesite, sawn cut, honed, natural, split, river eroded, featured rocks and so on. can be processed as.

  • Type: Andesite
  • Surface: Polished, Honed, Tumbled, Distressed Edge, Sandblasted, Brushed, Bombe, Dentelle, Fine Line
  • Color: Claret Red