Glacier White


Marble is preffered in many projects because it has a high a high white density and a very small crystal structure. It is a also used in public spaces and private spaces such a fireplaces and columss.

Natural Stones is extracted from quarries in Marmara region in Turkey and processed as polished in many factories for export. Blocks are divided into two selections with White and gray veins. In boutique projects, there are of white density which is preferred and selection of gray vessels being sold at more affordable prices. White density this marble preferred on boutique projects and there is the selection that enters the gray vessels being sold at more affordable prices. The gray veins enter the slab horizontally as a thin line and do not degrade quality too much.

Prices are higher than other types of marble so usage of high-quantity materials is generally not suitable wide application areas. Dolamite is mostly preferred in interior furnishings,private vila projects,business centers and boutique projects.

Dolomite application areas can furnished in a harmonious manner with other dark natural stone varieties. This White stone can be used when it is desired to give patterns of dark stone types on White ground.