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Looking at the historical process, marble has been the main material of the buildings. In today’s modern architecture, marble is widely used as a covering material. One of the most important tasks of marble gives the structure an aesthetic appearance.

This task depends significantly on the compatibility of marble with other materials used in buildings. In this sense, beige marble is a product with a high rate of preference due to its very harmonious color.

Beige marble is the most preferred type of marble in most of the buildings from the past to the present. The most important feature of beige marble and the reason why it is preferred is that it gives an aesthetic appearance to the structure where it is used and adapts to the place used due to its nature and structure.

There is a lot of beige marble in nature. Due to its simple color, it is widely used and preferred in terms of harmony with other colors.

Turkey is also open quarried marble with beige color is dark beige and reputation. Although it has different varieties, it is the most preferred beige marble.

One of the most important tasks of beige marble is to give the building an aesthetic and characteristic appearance. Therefore, beige marble is a product with a high rate of preference due to its nature, color and feature being a very compatible option.

Although there are different types of beige marbles, they are always found in every province. Provinces are famous for their marble and they are known as such. Beige marble coming out in Bilecik province is known as Bilecik Beige Marble with its market name. Bilecik Beige is one of the most preferred marbles with its cream color variety.

Bilecik Beige Marble is one of the most recognized and accepted Turkish marble varieties in the international market. In particular, Bilecik Beige marblesGölpazarı BeigeSöğüt BeigeHarmanköy and Gülümbe pinkish marbles are the types of marble that have entered the literature as marble types with high economic value and are in demand and are identified with the province of Bilecik and are exported to 80 different countries of the world.

Bilecik beige marble has two types as cream and beige. While cream is preferred, it is the most durable marble with its beige color.

Beige marble is mostly used in the construction of structures such as columns, sinks and basins.

Beige marble has varieties within themselves, as well as in some cases, the name change from province to province and varies according to the provinces.

Beige marble, which has high polishing ability and natural appearance, is the preferred marble type with its aesthetic structure. It is used for large quantities of exports and is suitable for use as it adapts easily in many areas.

Beige marble is the perfect ally when it comes to dressing rooms that require warmth and clarity. Beige marble fascinates any project. It can increase the beauty of interior and exterior walls and floors. It shines with its own light in the bathroom or as a kitchen counter.

Beige marble is widely used and preferred in terms of harmony with other colors due to its plain color.

Beige marbles are also preferred in facade cladding. Beige marble, which is frequently preferred in architectural projects, easily adapts to the indoor and outdoor spaces where it is used.

Being too much in nature is another advantage and feature of beige marble.

It is distinguished from other marble colors with its elegance and adapts to every environment. Beige marble is sold as blocks and slabs according to the customer’s request, cut according to the dimensions of the desired place and delivered ready-made.

Beige marble, which is a natural stone, can be in different selections according to the variety of minerals it contains and the level of the block from the quarry, and the names of beige marble may change accordingly. It has names and varieties such as Botanica, Brume, Burdur Beige, Light and Dark Emperador, Luna, Limpido.

Beige marble is offered for sale under different selections. In addition to the attention paid to the elements such as thickness, set square and polish, which make up the physical quality of beige marble, the stones are selected according to their vein structures and crating is made by considering the harmony of the products with each other.

Beige marble, which can be imported and exported, is extracted from Burdur Beige Marble Quarry as blocks and turned into slabs in factories. Beige marble, which can be sized according to the projects, can be used in accordance with the customer’s request.